kb recovery reviews
kb recovery
kb recovery reviews
kb recovery reviews
You or your loved one facing addiction difficulties? Your desperate for change and they know that.

KB recovery is owned and operated by Kevin Babayan. Having gone through years of addiction himself he knows the desperation family members feel when a loved one suffers from this horrible and demeaning disease.

Approaching you with caring words and promises of recovery. His concerns seem so real when he offers you a 50% discount, charging you ONLY 5,000.00 for 30 days. What a bargain to get your loved one back.

Kevin brought a car and picked up my daughter strait out of detox. He had her sign all the contracts in a state of mind she doesn't even remember doing so.

He claims on their web site that they deal with emotional issues. (dual diagnosis) One would imagine most addicts have emotional issues. Only don't dare show them at KB because you will get kicked out and there is a no refund policy. Taking my young daughter to the train station with no money and no phone calls to her family on day six of her stay.

Clearly upset I called to find out why? Kevin stated she was rude and broke a lamp.
Yes, that is rude but isn't your staff trained to deal with emotional issues? He said she was NOT HIS PROBLEM! (Quote)

Sure YOU got your 5,000.00 so now it's not your problem. I trusted KB recovery!
I used my house payment to save my daughter. Better to loose a house than a daughter now I may loose both. But I understand Kevin, " it's not your problem!"

Face book has a page on KB recovery and you should notice that they disabled comments on their page. I search the web to find real reviews on KB recovery and found none. The only thing KB recovery has is a nice web site. They spent a lot of time and peoples desperation money building it. And why not at 5,000.00 bucks a week!
Oh that was my special pricing, many may actually pay the 10,000.00.
Save your money, don't trust KB recovery.

None of these so called rehabs work (especially this one), they just drain your wallet and hopes.

15722 Tupper St North Hills,
1722 Tupper st North Hills
kb recovery
KB Recovery
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KB Recovery Reviews
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KB recovery North Hills
KB recovery reviews
That was the last thing Kevin said to me "Its not my problem" before he proceeded to tell me my daughter had to go, after one week and no refund.
She is clean and sober with no cravings. .The ONLY thanks I can give to KB is that I went outside the box due to my horrible experience with them.

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